Brand Photography
Building a brand involves capturing your entire environment and vision. Its creating your story with your people, products, your culture and uniqueness. I help companies and people build that brand, that story - with photography.
I specialize in photography for adventure brands and athletes, combining shoots with nature as much as possible. Check out my products page to see how I incorporate products, people and nature into your brand.
The day you choose forever with someone is one of the most important days of your life. When I shoot weddings I look to capture the moments that will give you timeless pieces of art for you to cherish for your forever together. 
Capturing a couples love, personality and genuine happiness together is my goal and I look forward to capturing those memories for you!
Growing family? Senior Portraits? There are many moments in life that we want to remember for years to come. I look forward to helping you build those memories with your family and find the perfect place to capture those moments!
Event and Sport Photography 
Events and Sports need to be captured in the moment. Whether its an aerial ski jump, the guitar solo that captivates the crowd or the golf swing that warrants a "Did you see that!?" yell, its important to freeze that moment in time. 
I love being able to be a fly on the wall of any kind of event where I can snap away to get you that perfect shot, the shot that encompasses the feel and the energy of the day. 
Print Photography​​​​​​​
My side passion is traveling the world, which gives me ample opportunity to photograph the beautiful places I see on my travels for work or for pleasure. Any of my landscape work can be purchased as prints and customized for your needs. Whether for your office, business or home, I can work with you to find the right work for your space.
Prior work:
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