Born in Rochester, life has come full circle and brought me to Buffalo NY as my home base for my photography business. Coming from a big family where every day was filled with travel and adventure, shaped who I became as a photographer.

With a childhood full of living and sailing on a boat in Lake Ontario, and visiting national parks all over the U.S. to camp and hike, I had to continue that rush of adventure into my adult life. I went to college for Art and was called back nature with my camera.

I moved to the bush of Australia to gain more appreciation for nature and what is has to offer; to return back to the U.S and move to Breckenridge Colorado where I spent the last 10 years of my life. I coached snowboarding in the Rockies while focusing on building my career in adventure and landscape photography. Whether it was taking photos of extreme sports athletes and their brands, or backpacking the mountains to capture the beautiful landscapes this world has to offer, I found my passion in this style of photography which I try to display in every photo I take. While my home base is in Buffalo, I travel the world for businesses to bring their brand to life through photos.

I have found that all brands are backed by the fire and passion I find in my lifestyle and I look to bring that out with every photoshoot I do. Whether I spend the day doing brand shoots with professional snowboarders in the mountains or hike to the peak of a 14er to get the sunrise shot for my print work, every client deserves visual work that shows what drives their passion in their business.

I bring visual imagery to your brand to tell a story, how it fits in the world around us and how the fire that sparks you and your business can be shown to the world.